Jude + Jame

Cards, Jewelry, and more

We are Jude + Jame.

Judi grew up baking in the family restaurant. Later, she learned to sew and make jewelry with her older sister (and best friend), Linda.  Judi ventured to the southwest in her early twenties from Cass Lake, MN but don’t let her mid-western roots fool you. This life of the party is armed with a contagious laugh… one that is impossible to resist and she is guaranteed to brighten your day. Judi has a taste for “the wild side”, being well-suited for Formula 1 racing (if her driving is any indication). This woman loves “to go SPEED!” But, alas, the siren song of the farmer’s markets has called to her… so the racetrack will have to wait.


Jamie has always had an artistic spirit: whether it be baking with her grandmother, sewing, ceramics, or glasswork. The mediums may have changed through the years (much like her address) but the constant which remained was Jamie’s love of expressing herself, creatively. Jamie is deceptively sweet-looking but don’t be misled, she is a walking contradiction who can hold her own with the best of them. Although, she may be on the quiet side she is ever watchful. This mother of two may be of the opinion that she “missed her calling” as a storm-chaser but that was only because a greater, more enticing world of thrills awaited her: The world of farmer’s markets.


These two wonderfully unique ladies met in the early 90’s. Little did they know that a bond over classic video games and group game nights would one day blossom into a great friendship…and one day (later) a business. This dream team of small businesses may be an odd couple of sorts but in-arguably a great a pairing. So please, look over their online inventory. Also, if you happen to be in the greater Phoenix area, check out the events schedule on the Home page and drop by their booth some weekend and say "hello!"